Ella Baché West Pymble

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Your treat for your feet! Includes a footbath, followed by an exfoliation, nail care and a relaxing massage.

File, Buff and Polish Toes


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Just the thing for instantly great toes. Includes shape, file, buff and polish.



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Nourish tired feet with a peppermint foot bath, heel scrub, nail shape, cuticle care, relaxing foot massage and polish application.

Deluxe Pedicure


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Treat your feet to a soothing foot bath, heel scrub, nail shape, cuticle care, honey almond exfoliation with relaxing  foot massage and finish with your favourite nail enamel.

Paraffin Pedicure

1hr 15 min

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For extra pampering and silky smooth skin this treatment is a must.  We begin with a peppermint foot bath, nail shape, cuticle care, relaxing foot massage and then dip your feet in a bath of lavendar infused parrafin.  Finish with your choice of OPI nail colour.

Gel Pedicure


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OPI Gel nail polish lasts 14-21days without chipping.  Begin your pedicure with the perfect nail shape, cuticle care and buffing.  We paint with the gel-complex varnish and set under purple LED lights leaving your nails 100% dry.  Finish with a relaxing foot massage.

Gel Removal

20 -30 min

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To dissolve the gel polish we coat each nail in expert touch lacquer remover and place a heat pack over the feet.  Finish with a light nail buff.

Nail Paint

20 min

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Select your colour from our OPI collection or bring your own along.